10 Exotic Vacation Spots in The World


Affordable Exotic Vacation Spots

There are 10 exotic places to vacation in the world , we will give a brief review of each. You need to take immediately.

Exotic Vacation Spots
The First 6 of  Exotic Vacation Spots

St. Kitts Including Exotic Beach Vacations

The island of St. Kitts, AKA The Sugar City was traditionally a sugar mono-culture, but as transition to tourism and it’s more recent years. The St. Kitts music festivals were set up to attract travelers to the small island nation. If you’d like a less touristy experience, hang out with the local conditions. Now don’t call them kittens wherever you decide to go, remember your travels don’t have to be constrained by your bank account. Get the most bank for your buck and go somewhere budget-friendly.

Iguazu Falls – Wonderful Spot Between 2 Country

How about visiting one of the seven wonders of the world?. Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, these waterfalls have 275 separate drops with the longest measuring in at 260 nine feet. Local myth says that a deity was to marry a woman who fled with a mortal love in a canoe, as punishment. The woman and her lover were to fall for all of eternity, so stay away from the edges okay.

Healthy Vacation to The Dead Sea

Apparently the waters of the Dead Sea have healing powers as well as acetic effects for those who choose to go all the way, and slather some mud and minerals all over your body.

All Inclusive in Dallas-Texas

Get a little taste of the south and head to Texas for some true comfort food. Museums, parks and other attractions will keep you going during the day but a hearty meal of steak and potatoes is what will keep you here forever. Stay at Indigo Hotel for a hundred and four dollars a night. It’s right by public transportation and restaurants. What more could you mean?

Alaska – The Great Adventures of Your Vacation

There are still many untamed areas of the United States, for example Alaska. Biking, hiking and camping are all Popular. But an activity you can do on a budget is fishing, go for the halibut a local favorite. If you come during the right part of the year, you may even be able to see the Aurora Borealis.

Samos Greece for Exotic Island

Visit this Christian Island if you’re into wine. Why? because you can pick grapes directly from the wine and the grapes and olives here have been hand-picked for centuries, no machine processing here.

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Kamari Beach – Santorini Island

Once only a small fishing an agriculturally centered culture, Kamari has turned into quite the hot spot. A burgeoning tourist economy means a larger array of accommodation options, including some very reasonably priced ones. There’s also bars, nightclubs and cliff diving for the adrenaline junkies.

The Azores, Natural Exotic Destination in Portugal

A true vacation destination you can interact with the locals at the various natural swimming pools and hang out in the beautiful natural surroundings. You can find four star hotels as low as a hundred and twenty four dollars and night so you won’t be sleeping on the streets.

Here is Orioles have their very own culture and traditions separating them from the mainland Portugal. Check out the islands carnival bash. Whatever you decide to do, you will be able to chill out and than relax in a relatively Pristine Island environments. Not too shabby!

South Africa for Cheap Traveling

It’s time to head south, way south. When you get there visit the taniqua wildlife awareness and rehabilitation center in the Western Cape of South Africa. You can pay fifty four dollars to take one of the captive-bred cheetahs on its daily exercise walk. Just make sure you don’t dress like a gazelle that. when you’re ready to sleep spend the night and nothing go backpackers launch.

The Great Wall – Nice Place for Exotic Family Vacation

Over 13,000 miles long but not as widely reported visible from space. The Great Wall of China is an exotic and incredible sight to see. Start at the Beijing battling Great Wall which is where the first tourist was allowed to visit in 1957. As for your stay in the area check out, The Great Wall Courtyard Youth Hotel where you can get rates as low as 64 dollars a night.

OK I think you should visit all the surprisingly affordable places to vacation in your holiday.



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