The best golf swing analyzer will become your important thing because it could help you to perform your best while playing golf. For golf lovers that want to know their performance, they should get one. This year, the list of top golf swing analyzer has been published.


Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System

The first analyzer is called Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System. You can set this analyzer through the app that you can download in Android or OS. Arccos’s job is to calculate the static.

Blast Golf 360 Swing

The second analyzer is Blast Golf 360 Swing. It designed for professional golfers. It has the metric precision for both amateur and professional player. It is designed to be a waterproof product. You will need to connect it with the app on your smart phone or tablet.

Zepp Golf 2 3D

Zepp Golf 2 3D is the next list. This golf swing analyzer is famous. Many coaches use this analyzer to help them.  It will measure an essential part of the swing including hand pace, back swing size, and speed. Then it will analyze the data in 3D perspectives.

Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer

Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer is in fourth place. It is suitable for golf players in all level. It is very easy to use this analyzer.

SwingTalk Golf

On our last place is SwingTalk Golf. The technology that applied in this analyzer is voice feedback.  It also provides the most innovative technology and lightweight form. The user should connect this analyzer to the app that can be accessed through your smart phone. Android and iOS can work for this app.

You should use at least one of the golf swing analyzers. This device can help you to analyze your performance. You can see your progress and decide what you have to do for better performances. The most expensive analyzer is on the first list. But the rest also great because they are the lists of best golf swing analyzer.

Tips for The Proper Golf Swing

The proper golf swing for the beginner could be so hard. But even an expert or professional golfer was once also a beginner. There are some simple steps that you should practice to giver best shoot. These tips will be useful enough for the beginner.

The Proper Golf Swing

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Choose Golf Swing Plane Trainer for Doing Sport

Golf swing plane trainer becomes an essential aid for doing golf. Golf is one of the favorite sports. Many people love doing it. When you feel weak and tired, so it meant you are a lack of doing sport. Not only eating nutritious food to keep your body healthy but you also need to do sport regularly.

Regularly doing sport makes your body healthy. You could arrange your schedule for doing sport once or twice a week. You will feel fresher after that. This is very beneficial, especially for your healthiness. You will get the positive impact because of it. Your body becomes healthy. Therefore you will be ready doing your daily activity.

Golf will be an exciting sport although there are many sports that you could choose your favorite one. However, if you want to try playing golf, you should prepare the equipment. You should practice it before becoming an expert. [ Click the picture gallery bellow to continue reading ]


The Proper Golf Swing

First that you should remember to keep your hands low. The law is that the lower the hands, the lower the ball flight. This method also can be used to swing simply.

The second tip is to give your spine to the forearm. Why is this important? Because once you can focus on this part, you can increase the accuracy.

For every sport, you will need power. For this sport, use your body as your strength. Good and professional golfers know that power comes from the body, not the arms. But you will learn how to control it. Probably if you are a beginner, you will find it weird, struggle and tiring. Not only use your body, but you can also use your hinge for power.

The next thing is to avoid flips. Floppiness usually occurs as a result that your body way too far in front of the golf ball.

They probably seem easy to be done. But, when you practice it, you will need more power than just saying. You need to make contact with the ball and focus on the ball while thinking about the hole. But if you practice it regularly and you want to learn, you can make the amazing progress on your golf skill. Keep learning is the key to be professional golfers. You can try to practice in your own home using another stick if you don’t have time to visit the golf park. Once you get used to the proper golf swing, you will automatically do the right one in the future.


Learn Basic Golf Swing for Beginner

Basic Golf Swing

Learn basic golf swing is important to begin to play golf. Everyone that plays golf must learn some basic knowledge too. It is a foundation before you play golf. The basic understanding is mostly about the swing. Although golf isn’t about the swing only, it seems that swing is the soul of the golf. So, here some basic tips about swing and some important things.

Learn Basic Golf Swing

Before you swing, know well your position. We recommend you to take the dead aim. It is not only for your feet, but it is also applicable to your knees, hips and even shoulder. You should also build a solid stance. Make it broad, solid and balanced so you can build the golf swing from the ground.

Swing isn’t merely in your hands. It is also about your body posture. The tip is to make it perfect. You’d better focus on your great posture by tilting at your hips.

Now you are entering the process to swing. First, start the downswing with the hips. Most failures in this method are starting the swing with the upper body.

You can try some trick on swing called take away. If you can do this properly, your basic swing will reach the right track. You can try to whip the club back before starting to swing. This gives motivation and energy.

However, the basic tips for swing are too many. What you need to understand is how to swing right with the right body position. It is important to highlight that the right track of swing is affected by some factors. To develop the skill, you will need practice more and willing to learn. Swing skill can’t be achieved just by one time practicing only. So the basic golf swing can be mastered by regular practice.