Toyota Concept Cars for All Mobility in 2017 – 2018

Toyota Concept Cars in Tokyo Motor Show 2017 | With  the aim to provide mobility facilities of all circles, Toyota showcased a number of concept cars that are ready to be marketed in the near future.

“We challenge our impossibility to contribute to a society where everyone can participate and push their limitations physically and socially,” said Toyota Motor Corp (TMC) Executive Vice President, Didier Leroy at the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2017 opening in Japan on Wednesday.

It is in line with Toyota’s initiative inspired by their partnership at the Olympics and the 2020 paralympic games in Tokyo, with the Start Your Impossible tagline or translated as “start with what you think is impossible”.

For that Toyota showed three i-series concept vehicle that allows a car to understand the driver’s emotions and make the car as a partner for humans.

As the main sponsor of the Olympics and paralympic games, Toyota appears to be seriously working on futuristic vehicles inspired by the limited mobility of people due to social barriers and physical disabilities.

Toyota Concept-i series
Toyota Concept-i RIDE and i WALK

Leroy says Toyota wants all people to be able to do and enjoy high mobility as they need, both the rich, the young, and the disabled and elderly parents.

“When all can be free to move, everything becomes possible,” said the former CEO of Toyota Motor Europe.

In addition, Toyota also showcased the concept cars ready to be launch into the market next year for both top and public consumers in Japan.

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The concept cars are high-end passenger vehicles, the 15th-generation Crown sedan, the luxury and exclusive 3rd generation Century sedan, the Tj CRUISER crossover and the Sora’s fuel cell vehicle, and the special Japanese Taxi dedicate to welcome the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Japan by 2020.

Toyota plans to start selling mass production versions of Sora by 2018 with the goal of presenting no less than 100 Sora units, especially for the Tokyo metropolitan area, Japan, to welcome the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the city.

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