Best Luxury Sedans 2016

Best Sedan For The Money

Executive Sedans are the vehicle of choice for most discerning business people, but which is best?. AVEBLOGS list of five hand-picked favorites contains something for everyone at any price from AUTO TRADER. There are Audi A3 Sedan 2.0 TDI 150 Sport, BMW 3 Series 320D ED Sport Auto, Mercedes E-Class 220D SE Auto, Jaguar XF R-Sport 2.0D 180PS AT and the luxurious Mercedes S-Class S 350D SE L

These are our list and you can see the pictures on the gallery below.

Best Affordable Sedans

AUDI A3 Sedan| The Affordable One

Engine/ series                     : 2.0 TDI 150 Sport

List Price in 2016               : £25,685

Fuel Economy                    : 67.3 mpg

CO2 Emissions                   : 107 g/km

Boot Space                         : 425 litres

Small that perfectly formed the A3 Sedan has the running costs and ease of use of a family hatchback. But the luxurious interior style and refined driving manners of a much bigger car.

Best Sports Sedan 2016

BMW 3 Series| The All-rounder Automatic Sedan

Engine/series                      : 320D ED Sport Auto

Boot Space                         : 480 litres

CO2 Emissions                   : 108 g/km

Fuel Economy                    : 68.9 mpg

List Price in 2016               : £31,170

A superb all-rounder with a stunning range of abilities, the 3-series is frugal fun to drive well equipped and a strong performer. It also boasts one of the best  automatic gearboxes around.

Best Midsize Luxury Sedan

MERCEDES E-CLASS| The Cutting-edge One

List Price in 2016               : £37,935

Engine/ series                    : 220D SE Auto

CO2 Emissions                   : 109 g/km

Fuel Economy                    : 67.3 mpg

Boot Space                         : 540 litres

If and Technology are top of your priority list, the new Mercedes e-class has you covered, a gorgeous cabin, pillow soft ride and clever autonomous driving tech. All set it apart.

Best High Performance Sedans

JAGUAR XF| The Fun to Drive One

Engine/ series                    : R-Sport 2.0D 180PS AT

List Price in 2016              : £36,850

Fuel Economy                    : 65.7 mpg

CO2 Emissions                   : 114 g/km

Boot Space                         : 540 litres

Style exclusivity and sharp handling at what the Jaguar XF is all about and you’ll draw lots of envious looks in this sleek four-door. But you’ll behaving far too much fun driving it to care.

Best Luxury Sedans 2016

MERCEDES S-CLASS| The Luxurious One

Engine/series                     : S 350D SE L

Boot Space                         : 510 litres

CO2 Emissions                   : 141 g/km

Fuel Economy                    : 50.4 mpg

List Price in 2016               : £68,870

The top rung of any company car ladder this Sedan really does leave its rivals in its wake. With a ride whisper quiet refinement and palatial interior. the s-class feels like a true business jet.

OK guys, that 5 top luxury cars with gasoline or petroleum engine consumption. Other time we talk about best hybrid cars.

Source: AUTO TRADER 2016 with modifications

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