Awesome Smallest Drone Ever

Introducing areas the new worlds smallest quadcopter measuring in at just three centimeters. Long by three centimeters wide and a more two centimeters, tall areas is twenty-five percent smaller than our previous record. Holding models the turbo X and wallet drone each areas drone.

Smallest Drone Ever
Smallest Drone Ever

Comes with an ultra-compact 2.4 gigahertz controller, that also stores the tiny quadcopter. The areas is available in four color choices and color accents to fit your style flight time for the areas is approximately five to seven minutes for 15 to 20 minutes charge via the supplied USB cable. The area has to speed high and low as one of the headless mode which allows pilots to rock the orientation of the room.

Regardless of which way the mills is pointing this is very helpful with such a tiny quadcopter the area’s 6-axis stabilization and 360 degree rotational capabilities make flying simple and fun.

The pre-programmed trick mode allows pilots perform midair flips and rolls with just a simple push of a button. We have brought you the smallest most compact quadcopter and controller that will allow you to have fun and practice full flight mechanics indoors and everywhere you go get yours today at or at

Robert Morrison as founder of Access Drones claim: the drone is the world’s smallest quadcopter it fits inside controller itself which is the size of a wallet fits perfectly into your pocket.

Not only does the quadcopter fit inside of the remote control but it actually uses the remote controls batteries to charge itself while not in use making it go virtually anywhere that you can. This is the most portable compact quacopter on the market. So we’ve had probably about five or six different remote control planes. With the wallet drone seems to last forever and it’s the size of the small size there but it flew longer than just about any other.

Chopped Liver. The wallet drone is available in four unique colors blue green, yellow and orange.