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I’m Katur Tarimo for AVEBLOGS. It’s fair to say that pretty much whatever you want from a car. There’ll be a sports utility vehicle to fit the bill. From urban rise around, to families car, and even sports car. SUVs can turn their wheels to all.


Land Rover Discovery Sport Dimensions


List Of SUV Cars

These are list of SUVs car with any descriptions. You must read it before choose one of them for your office car, personal adventure car or as exploring vacation places with your family in holiday. You can also look the another example of they pictures on the gallery images in the end of this article below. Enjoy to continue reading.

Renault Captur| The Little One

The Captur is a pretty small SUV. The one of its big attractions is just how much space there is inside, and has some need family-friendly features. There’s lots of scope for buyers to personalize their car too, and to cap it all, the catcher is great to drive, with a comfortable ride and good handling.

Renault Kadjar| The Good-value One

Underneath the car is pretty much the same as a missing cash guy which is no bad thing, but the Renault is even better value for money. Inside the spacious cabin makes it perfect as a family ferry and for more versatility you can opt the four-wheel drive, but whichever model you choose it’ll be fantastic to drive.

Porsche Macan Reliability

If you’re looking for an SUV with the emphasis on sports. Then look no further than the Macan. every model that diesel engine model included if genuinely quick and the suspension is set up together properly sporty drive. it’s even pretty practical with decent headroom in any of the five seats and a reasonable boot.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport Msrp

The discovery sport has all the off-road ability that you would expect of a Land Rover. but even if you get no further than the urban jungle there’s lots to admire him. Not least the spacious cabin which has seven seats on some versions and the superb economy from the TD for diesel engine.

Volvo XC90 Reliability

When it comes to quality and design, the XC90 isn’t just good, it’s setting new standards. But above all Volvo hasn’t forgotten things that family’s most value. So the XC90 is supremely spacious as well as being wonderfully comfortable and refined, and yes before you ask it also had class leading safety kit you.

Indonesian Batik Fabrics

What Is Batik Fabric?

Batik Fabric Collections for Sale
GRK Batik Fabrics Owner


Many places in Indonesia and other country in the world pattern fabrics by applying wax to protect certain areas from dye. During the dye process, the waxed areas resist the dye, and when the wax is removed, a pattern emerges. Both the technique and the textiles produced are called batik. The word batik may derive from the Javanese words to write and dots.

Batik Fabric Collections
Batik Fabric Collections

How To Make Batik Fabric At Home

Nowhere in the world is this method of patterning textiles as highly refined as in Indonesia. There are two main methods of making Indonesian batik:

Batik Wax Pen and Stamps

First, using a small tool called a canting to draw patterns. The other, using metal stamps to apply the wax. Stamps produce textiles faster for both export and domestic demand. In this way, batik can be made at a lower cost, and finished garments are more affordable. The most refined and expensive batik is produced by hand.

Indonesian Batik Patterns

Patterns are drawn using a canting or wax stylus. A method called “batik tulis” or written batik. The stylus consists of a bamboo or wood stick with a small spouted copper reservoir for wax at the end. The artist dips the cup into a pot of hot wax, blows on it to assure smooth application through the spout, and then applies the wax, drawing patterns with the spout. After both sides of a cloth have been waxed, it is ready to be dyed. For a complex pattern with many colors, the cloth is waxed and dyed many times. Let’s look at the process of batik by visiting a collective of artisans in the village of Kebon in Central Java.

Batik Designs

The first step in making batik is to apply the design. The design is first drawn on paper and then transferred using a pencil, or non-permanent ink, to fine white cotton cloth. The design may be a centuries-old traditional pattern, or as in the case here, it may reflect the contemporary aesthetics of the artisans. After the pattern is transferred, the cloth is ready for the first layer of wax. Batik wax is a combination of paraffin, beeswax, and resin. It is a translucent yellow when it is fresh, but may look dark brown or black after many reuses.

Famous Indonesian Batik Artists

The artisan retraces the design on the cloth with wax using the canting. Some areas are then filled in with decorative detail, known as “isen-isen“. A skilled batik artisan will know hundreds of isen-isen. The artist applies the wax with steadiness; years of practice that often began as a child allows her to work quickly, with fluidity and accuracy.

Batik Tools For Applying Wax

Once the wax has been applied to the entire cloth, it is ready for its first immersion in a dye bath. Many communities in Indonesia use imported synthetic dyes. However, there is a growing trend to use natural dyes, as we find in this collective of artisans in Kebon. Traditionally, the ability to make dyes was extremely important in textile-producing communities, and villages would be known for the quality of dyes produced.

Some frequently used colors are derived from indigo leaves, jelawe fruit, mahogany wood, teger wood, tinggi bark, and mango leaves. The dye is heated in outdoor pots. Nothing goes to waste in the countryside where wood and ash waste from the fire will feed hungry chickens. The dye is transferred to a basin where the artisan ensures the cloth is immersed. After the first dye bath, the cloth is dried in the sun.

Batik Wax Melting Pot

Then, certain areas are covered with wax, to preserve the first color, before the cloth is dipped into a second color. The artisan is familiar with the finished design, and knows where to apply the wax. Fine cantings are used to draw lines to contain the colorful design. Cantings with larger spouts will be used to hold large areas of color, that will be preserved during subsequent dye baths.

This process of applying wax to the cloth, dyeing, adding more wax, and further dyeing and drying will be repeated several, if not dozens of times, depending on the pattern and number of finished colors in the batik cloth. Between waxings, the textile is sometimes immersed in boiling water to remove wax, and then rewaxed to protect different parts of the pattern from subsequent dyeing.

Batik Wax Removal

Once the dyeing and waxing is completed, the cloth is ready for final wax removal. The textiles are taken to a neighboring house where large pots of water are set up for wax removal. The wax will be collected for reuse by boiling it out in several pots from very hot to cooler water. The reclaiming of the wax is part of the sustainable practice in this community, where recycled wax is used again. Finally, the cloth is wrung out and returned to the village, where it is hung to dry a last time.

Batik Cloths and Sarongs

Finished batik cloths can be used for many purposes. They are worn as sarongs and made into clothing and accessories for both local uses and export. Today, contemporary fashion designers are also incorporating batik into their designs.

Batik remains an important element of costume for dance performances and for ceremonial dress in many parts of Indonesia and neighboring countries. Children learn how to work in a community of artisans, each generation passing on to the next. The cultural heritage of this remarkable cloth.

Source: Asian Arts Museum, Griya Batik Ratu Kinasih



Best Car For A Family Of 5

Best Car For A New Family

If you’re looking for a plush and practical family car that can also double as a removals van, then the best family economical car for you. That’s why AVEBLOGS interested to reviewing them. To let you know about the very best for every size and budget, and you can see the pictures in the gallery at the end of this article.

Honda Civic Tourer| Best Car For A New Family

Price                            : £21,740

CO2 Emissions                        : 99 g/km

Fuel Economy              : 74.3 mpg

Boot Space                  : 624/ 1668 litres  ( Seats Up/ Seats Down )

For pure space efficiency, The Honda Civic tourer has to be on your shopping list. It boasts multiple storage cubbies a deep and cavernous boot plus a clever set of rear seats. That can be flipped up to create a wide and tall storage space. Superb reliability ratings also suggest that civic ownership will be about as hassle-free as modern cars.

PEUGEOT 308 SW| Affordable Family Cars

PEUGEOT 308 SW| Affordable Family Cars

Engine/ Serie              : 1.2 Puretech 130 active

Boot Space                  : 660/ 1785 litres  ( Seats Up/ Seats Down )

Fuel Economy              : 60.1 mpg

CO2 Emissions                        : 106 g/km

List Price                     :  £20,565

Get the Peugeot 308 may not get everybody’s pulse racing but as in a state car. The Peugeot 308 SW or station wagon will make you do a double-take. It offers great value for money has an excellent level of standard equipment and a boot. That’s so big for its category. You’ll struggle to fill it.


CO2 Emissions                        : 107 g/km

List Price                     :  £26,595

Boot Space                  : 639/ 1769 litres  ( Seats Up/ Seats Down )

Fuel Economy              : 68.9 mpg

Engine/ Series             : 2.0 TDI 150SE Business Manual

Affordable Family Cars

Passat Estate Review;

The sharp suited Volkswagen Passat estate All-track is the option that’s best able to juggle the responsibilities of both parenthood and prestigious company car ownership. The cabin is beautifully finished and if you’ve got a caravan a boat or even a horsebox to tow. The fiendishly clever trailer assist will be enough for you to sign the check there and then if that.


Engine/ Series             : 2.0 TDI 150 SE Business

Price                            : £23,755

CO2 Emissions                        : 109 g/km

Fuel Economy              : 68.9 mpg

Boot Space                  : 660/ 1950 litres  ( Seats Up/ Seats Down )

Should have volume you’re after then look no further than the Skoda Superb estate. Not only is the boot absolutely humongous swallowing wardrobes and fridges in its stride. The passenger space is equally palatial, with a really generous level of standard equipment. If that was a car that could change the perception of a brand the superb is it.

VOLVO V90 Turbo

Engine/ Serie              : D5 Powerpulse AWD Mementum Auto

Boot Space                  : 560/ 1526 litres  ( Seats Up/ Seats Down )

Fuel Economy              : 57.6 mpg

CO2 Emissions                        : 129 g/km

List Price                     :  £41,555

The Volvo V90 is probably the most stylish and classiest estate car on sale and benefits from one of the most beautifully finished interiors we’ve seen, at any price. It’s also a super quiet cruiser plus the optional air suspension part offering a very sensible balance between poise and ride comfort.