Affordable Golf Vacation Packages in US and CA

Affordable Golf Vacation Packages

Some U.S and Canada destinations offer Affordable Golf Vacation Packages, and they are good enough for you who want to spend the time to play golf. We will list many places that offer the cheap packages for you.

Affordable Golf Vacation Packages

Whenever you visit California, don’t miss to try the golf packages in San Juan Oaks Golf Club. You can start to pay of $25. There are 18 holes and is one of the finest courses in the region. The most popular package is the weekend package. You can take your whole family to this golf club too.

One of a fascinating golf clubs in the country is Redland Mesa in Colorado. The price is super low, and you can start to play the golf for $60 at the weekend. If you bring kids, there are special prices. Kids between ages 12 and 17 can play 18 holes golf with $12 only.

Cobleskill Golf & Country Club in New York is on our next list. There are various packages for your summer vacation, and the price is also different. You can start to pay for $30 to tee off.

In Washington, you can find Salish Cliffs. The packages price depends on the time when you visit. There are great hot deals if you visit it in summer.

In Illinois, there is Pheasant Run Golf Course. You can start to enjoy some package from $20 only. This resort has a special summer package called Summer Splash Package that usually ends in September. If you travel with your family, this resort is highly recommended.

Sandestin in Florida could be your excellent choice. The price starts from $60. This major golf and beach resort offers you a spa service too. Your family can do many things if you bring them here. These are not only Affordable Golf Vacation Packages but also offer you some special facility.


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Hot Deals in Florida Golf Vacation Packages

There are some hot deals for your Florida Golf Vacation Packages. They come from various golf vacation companies based in Florida. The packages are also varied with their special offer. We will list three best hot deals golf package in Florida.

Florida Golf Vacation Packages

We have three examples of golf vacation packages in Florida;

On our first list is Fort Lauderdale. One of the popular packages is the summer sensation package. The price starts from $190.00 per day. This deal is included in our hot deal list because it offers many things. They offer you the great beach scenery and two top-rated golf clubs around the area. There are also packages for three nights with ocean view accommodation at B Ocean Resort and other attractive packages for your summer vacation.

The second hot deal is Miami Golf Vacation Packages. Just by its name, you can know where you are going to enjoy the golf. It is in Miami. There are two packages that they offer as the hot deals. The first one is The Trump Doral Summer and Championship package which costs starting from $170.00. Then, the second one is called Miami Stay and Play which costs $227.00. For the second option, you will spend your night at Turnberry Isle Resort.

The last hot deal for you is called Historic Mission and Play. The price starts from$186. This package will bring you to the Historic Mission Inn Golf Resort. It’s located in the northwest of Orlando. That price is including 2-night deluxe room accommodation and three rounds of golf. You can also have a spa offer in this resort. It will help you to relax on your vacation. Advance tea times and daily range balls also included in that price. This place is also accessible because it’s located near Orlando International Airport.

After reading the three hot deals, you can now decide which Florida Golf Vacation Packages that you want to try.


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Birthday Party Food Ideas for Adults and Kids

Food Inspiration: 3 Birthday Party Food Ideas for Adults and Kids

Sometimes, adults and kids feel bad of their birthday party moment. There are some reasons which cause the bad feeling. One of the reasons is about birthday party food. I believe that you will make your kid birthday party perfect with delicious food. So, they will be delighted. The guests of the party will also be happy. Here, you will know some birthday party food ideas for adults and kids. Let’s see!

3 Food Ideas of Birthday Party for Adults and Kids

Birthday Party Food Ideas for Adults and Kids

Actually, for this kind of birthday party, fingers food will be the best option. You should not provide pasta salad. You have to make sure that the food is healthy and clean.

  1. Popcorn with caramel

The popcorn is kind of food that popular among adults. Kids also like this kind of food. If you want to make the popcorn by yourself, it is easy. You just need to prepare some recipes. They are:

  • Popped corn
  • Brown sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Butter
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  1. Cheese stick

Kids and adults usually like cheese. So, it will be nice if you choose cheese as the birthday food. You can make the cheese into various kinds of food. However, you should try to make the cheese stick. The recipes of the cheese stick are:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Flour
  • Pepper powder
  • Soft butter
  • salt
  1. Mini pizza

Here, you will know fantastic birthday food that suitable for kids and adults. The mini pizza is the most appropriate one. Let’s see the recipes below.

  • Frozen flaky biscuit
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Pepperoni slices

Which one do you like? The food inspiration above is easy to make. You can also find the recipes of the foods in the store. You can choose one of the foods for your kid birthday party. You can also combine two or more food for the party.


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