Parts of A Drone with Quadcopter Components List

Hello guys, I’m Abbayomi Aris Hermanto from AVEBLOGS  and now let’s talk about parts of a drone especially including quadcopter components.  Drone well as my hobby besides traveling to fantastic vacation destinations.

Parts To Build A Quadcopter
Parts To Build A Quadcopter

A quadcopter is a 4 rotor helicopter grant that uses two sets of counter-rotating blades and maintain stability in the air. This is a three dimensional aircraft you can move as such throttle is the actual vertical elevation aircraft. Yaw is the left and right turning of the aircraft itself, pitch is the attitude and knows whether it be up or down in role is the canting left or right of the aircraft while it’s in flight. You can see this image on pictures gallery in the end of this article.

This is a short article to kind of explain what each of the components the aircraft toys such as drone etc.  and that future articles maybe it will elaborate on how to actually build your own drone kit and how to become a drone pilot.
These are the basic drone components of a quadcopter that I will be covering;

Quadcopter Components List

1.    Frame
2.    Flight Control Board ( FCB )
3.    Remote TX/ RX
4.    ESC , Electric Speed Controller
5.    Motor
6.    Propellers

Next I’ll describe each of component and you can find other photo pictures on the gallery below.

Choose The Best Quadcopter Frame You Like

These are the basic quadcopter frames the black represents the actual frame itself and the red represents the motors. The H plot is generally preferred for FPV because of the amount of equipment that can actually put on it. The X quad is generally more for acrobatics, and then the plus (+) quad is generally the least preferred because of the motor front attitude.

Quadcopter Frame Layout
Basic Quadcopter Frame Layout

Remember you want to keep the frame as light as possible because all the equipment you’re going to add is going to be more weight, and of course all aircraft weight is always a bad thing.

Quadcopter Flight Control Boards

The flight control board is the brain of your aircraft. They control the speed of each motor using gyros to maintain the stability of your aircraft usually they come color with a like auto leveling solar system. These can generally run between fifteen and two hundred dollars depending on how sophisticated equipment you want to board. The one pictured is a I 86 LIMA which is from Hobbyking. It’s $50 in 2014 – 2015 and it’s just good for basic flights I use it on all of my quadcopters.

Remote Controll Drone

Of course with remote controller you’re going to need a radio and receiver journey 2.4 gigahertz is the normal. There is you H frequencies but those really aren’t too important unless. You’re really trying to reach out really far with that BP sort of purposes but for line of sight and within about a mile or two 2.4 gigahertz will cover you for whatever your needs are. I myself using FST 6 it’s a cheaper radio think you’re running about $60 (2014 – 2015) or so right now. If you know anything about radios it’s not really the price of the radio matters. It’s really the quality and the antennas that is generally the key to success with radio equipment on any median.

Speed Control Switch for Electric Motor

Electric speed control of your small computers basically that takes signals from your flight control board, and then turn draw energy from your battery to regulate the speed of your motors, to keep them all basically stabilized in there look all these things is very important do not cheap this one these are very important. Make sure that the amps they come in fit your motors so you don’t actually burn out the SC or the motor itself.

Powerful Quadcopter Motors

About choosing motors for quadcopter, I’m not going to solve your intelligence and spun to you a motor. This is electric motor at detrol power, two things I’m a harpoon is watts this is  the draw of the power from your battery itself, and then kv is the amount of turns per volt. So if you run 12 volts earn about 12,000 rpm give or take. When choosing a motor kb is going to be sort of the biggest thing. I wrote about 900 that’s good for like ftv and kind of more stability but if you’re trying to go fast and do flips and what not you’re going to want to fast one about 2500 is AV should suit your needs give you plenty of power.

Choosing 4 Propeller Drone

Choosing a propeller very crucial make sure that it fits your needs as well as what your motor can actually handle. Make sure you when you buy these that you buy a bunch of them because every time you crash you probably will break. More rigid propellers are more stable and flexible ones are generally better for maneuverability carbon fibers nice and all but plastic we’ll see it needs just fine general.

And than, where to buy quadcopter parts?. Sorry I can’t give many recommendation but maybe if you looking for instantly drone packages, you can read my previous description about smallest drone.


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