Sketcher Golf Shoes

Skechers Go Golf Shoes Review
Skechers Go Golf Shoes Review

Skechers Golf Shoes Review

It’s always exciting when a new product comes to market and especially when it gets to the second year. Guys skechers just ventured into golf last year and here you are you’re too?.  Yeah it’s really exciting for you that’s their second generation now for the men’s first generation now for the women’s. It’s the second time that Skechers  has been here we’re having a lot of success the show and it’s really been great for you.

Obviously, Skechers have very comfortable shoes and now they have put them a gulf emphasis on them tell me you people should buy the shoes . The reason why you should buy these shoes are there a very very comfortable, they’re very lightweight, they’re very flexible. It’s the same feeling that you get when you wear our athletic shoes our running shoes, our workout shoes, are very lightweight, very flexible and Skechers brought that into the golf shoes also.

Take a look at a couple,  sure so what they  have here first t, his is the skechers go golf Bionic shoe. It’s modeled after our Bionic running shoe. It is very lightweight, very flexible if you look at the bottom you can see it’s got a wider toe box, so your toes can really spread out and grip the ground. it’s fully waterproof two-year warranty waterproof.  It’s a very breathable mesh, very very comfortable super lightweight and it really feels like you’re wearing a running shoe when you’re out there on the golf course.

And has some color for men but it’s not scary color but when we get to the women’s shoes then we get into some real color?.  Yeah and here Skechers  has our first generation women’s shoe.  This is the go walk to golf shoe that Skechers ‘s. They have a very successful walking shoe called the go walk and what we did is we took that into for women’s into the Gulf realm. Skechers  added a subtraction plates on the bottom to that which gives it a little bit more rigidity a little more grip to the ground. They did it in our lace-up version so the lace-up version allows you to cinch it tighter and and just better for the golf swing better the course but still very lightweight flexible and it’s got that same feel that our skechers customers already used to.  Alright skechers gowalk but go walk on a golf course.

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