Best Mens Bomber Jackets

What Is A Bomber Jacket?

Best Mens Bomber Jackets

A bomber jacket is a fashion style designed like pilots jackets and flight crew wear. The original were made from leather, but nylon materials for it have been available now. Generally they have two pockets in front side, and sometimes there are lines with sheepskin or filled with down side to make warm. Modern bomber jackets with nylon materials are reversible, available a choice of colors.

How To Style Bomber Jacket?

If you don’t have a bomber jacket yet, you’re slacking. Every guy needs at least one in his closet. Or if you’re like me you need several. They’re just one of those items that never go out of style. So today I’m showing you three different ways you can sell a bomber jacket.

One street style look one casual, in one monochromatic look. First of all I got this super dope bomber jacket on the right online shop, it’s from Jacket Bagoes as partner of Mangprang Industries, Bandung-Indonesia. I’ll leave the link to this bomber in the description below the article.

The main piece you need for this outfit is a layered long-line shirt. This one in specific actually just gives that illusion of layering, but you can obviously just stack too sure it’s one longer than the other to get the same effect. For the jeans that I went with these gray or blue skinny jeans, with nice let’s and the sneakers these are easy boost 350s with a splash of color to match the inside of my bomber.

Cool Jackets And Hoodies

Speaking of color this Jaket Bagoes bomber is actually reversible too, if you want to send out or if you just want some variety, this is the right bomber for you. It’s basically two in one. For the casual look you will need to wear a hoodie underneath the bomber. This is probably one of my favorite looks for the fall and the winter time. It’s cool really comfortable in the hood looks really good sitting on top of the jacket. One tip I’ll give you guys is to just make sure that he isn’t too thick. You can find example of hoodies jacket image on the attachment gallery below.

Great Style With Bomber Jacket And Hoodie

You definitely don’t want to look like a balloon so pick something with a little less volume to pull this look off. For the jeans, I decided to go with these black or brown jeans. Now you can just throw on your favorite black or gray sneakers and you’re good to go. For this third look we’re going all black, this is a very versatile look you can either wear it during the day or for a night out.

Guys Bomber Jacket

This monochromatic look is easy to pull off and wearing all black actually makes you look slimmer which is always a plus. If you do want a little bit of a color pop then you can just show off the orange inside of the jacket and it’s for sure going to be a conversation starter. And then of course I’m rocking all black jeans for this look and also light or black shoes to keep it consistent. To complete the look you can just throw some dark season, you’re blocking the haters.

Where To Buy Bomber Jackets?

If you’re not sure how to style bomber jackets or other items, Aveblogs really recommend checking out Jaket Bagoes online shop, the look feature. They piece everything together for you so you know exactly how to style anything you get from them. Not only that,  but they’re giving you guys to share this article a 20-35 percent discount on every products.