Golden Gate Bridge is The Amazing Building

Golden Gate Bridge’s History

Who does not know the Golden Gate Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world. The bridge across the strait of the Golden Gate is almost 2 kilometers long. The two supporting poles have a height of more than 227 meters.

The steel bridge connects San Francisco and the Marin Country. One of California’s landmarks has been functioned as a liaison since May 28, 1937. Many Hollywood production films use the bridge  as backgrounds such as James Bond A View to a Kill, X-Men: The Last Stand, Star Trek, The Book of Eli , Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Pacific Rim. The red bridge also appears in the animated Hulk and Monsters VS Aliens.

The Golden Gate Bridge

May 27th is celebrated as the ‘anniversary‘ of the bridge. Festive celebrations are always held at the bridge located in San Francisco. Year 2012 and then to the 75th anniversary. Routine activities that have been held since 1973 are Road Trip Through History. The surrounding community and tourists are also treated to music and dance performances at West Marina Green. The highlight of the ever-anticipated event is the fireworks party on the night of 27 May.

Nice Vacation at Golden Gate Bridge

Visitors not only can enjoy the work of Joseph Strauss was through the car window. Waves in San Francisco Bay, ferries, sailboats, and the atmosphere of the Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed on the bridge while walking or riding a bicycle. Yes, the sidewalks on the six-lane side of the traffic are known as cycling and pedestrian routes.

The pedestrian route on the east side (which overlooks San Francisco) is open from 05:00 to 15:30 during weekdays. On weekends visitors are free to pass by until 18:00. Unlike the pedestrian path, the west side is also allowed to pass the bike.

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Keep in mind that visitors are not allowed to take pets, roller blades, skateboards, or roller skates. Electric bikes and scooters are also not allowed on the sidewalk Golden Gate Bridge. As a memento you can follow Bridge Photo Experience. Using a virtual display, the images will show you as if you were climbing either side of the bridge or standing on the top of the bridge tower.

Visitors are free to walk and cycle on the Golden Gate Bridge free of charge. To get there visitors can use the Golden Gate Transit (GGT) which can be accessed in downtown San Francisco. On weekends the public transport also serves routes from and to Fisherman’s Wharf.

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