Best Rated Hybrid Cars 2016 Review

What is The Best Hybrid Car

When hybrids first arrived, they’re very much to left-field choice. Now though they hit the mainstream as customers warmth the idea of a car that’s capable of some zero emission running, but has the added reassurance of a conventional engine for longer journeys. These are the models are experts recommend as top rated hybrid cars. You can check the photo images on the gallery below.  And next time we can talk about city cars, a family cars even a hot hatch or a super-cars.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

There’s a hybrid to suit. It’s easy to see why the Outlander is the UK’s best-selling hybrid. After all this is a spacious and practical five-seat family car with a 5-star safety rating and 4-wheel. Drive get it CO2 emissions are less than 50 grams per kilometer, with a zero emission range of thirty miles it means everyday motoring and costs just pennies.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Mpg

A small car with an automatic gearbox is probably the perfect recipe for a city car, and that’s exactly what the Yaris hybrid gives you it juggles it’s two power sources smoothly and effectively, and it’s great around town. Admittedly, this is an expensive model than the Yaris range but if you want a hybrid, this is one of the cheapest such cars in the UK.

VW Golf GTE Plug In Hybrid Cars 2016

Who says you can’t have an exciting hybrid not Volkswagen who have deliberately made the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE. Look like and go like the GTI. Nevertheless it also has average fuel economy of more than 150 miles per gallon and CO2 emissions of less than 40 grams per kilometer as well as all the class and quality that make any job such a desirable thing.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Mpg

To this day the Prius Plus is unique. The only seven seat MPV with CO2 emissions of less than a hundred grams per kilometer. Admittedly the third row seats will only suit children and the quality of materials in the cabin isn’t great, but the hybrid drive train really suits the kind of relax driving started a family will prefer, and there’s plenty of equipment.

BMW i8 as One of Best Hybrid Luxury Cars

Now you’re not dreaming there really is such a thing as a hybrid super-car. The petrol-electricity ate will hit 62 miles an hour in just over four seconds, and it gives the full super-car experience. Yet its carbon dioxide emissions of just 49 grams per kilometer/minutes exempt from the London congestion charge. A super-car with a conscience who’d have thought it.

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