Adventurous Things to Do in Florida Vacation Spots

AVEBLOGS presents for top 10 things to do in Florida with fantastic place features.

Universal Studios as One of Best Family Vacation Spots in Florida

This 26 year old theme park is basically there to inspire people to ride the movies. It’s got eight different themed areas through out the parts each one has different live shows, attractions and rides in each area. There is enough to see and do here for at least a couple of days, no question about it. Some of our favorite rides were Harry Potter and you speak from Gringotts, the Amazing Spiderman etc.

Devil’s Den Natural Springs FL

Devil’s den natural spring will get an hour and a half of a side of Orlando. It was formed when a roof of a separating river collapse thousands of years ago and gave us this beautiful wonder that we have today there’s for underwater passages, that you can explore just make sure you have a flashlight when you go.

Facts About The Everglades In Florida

1.5 million acres of wetland that covers the south of Florida. Full of unique wildlife and lots of floating grass. The slow moving river, local shallow is breeding ground, for a lot of interesting creatures. We can find Gators here and you can see this destination image on my photos gallery below.

Adventurous Things To Do In Florida  Keys

This is one of your favorite spots in the entire state? It’s a strain of tiny little islands going from the top all the way down into the Gulf of Mexico. They used to only be accessible by the boat, but in the beginning of nineteen hundreds they build a railway, which was swiftly destroyed 1935 our hurricane. Since the destruction of the railway connecting the islands, invention 35 people have been building highways to connect the entire string of islands, all the way to key west which is the furthest island.

Best Vacation Spot In Florida

The longest bridge between the islands is a seven mile bridge which is completed in late seventies. The keys were one of my favorite places in the entire state of Florida, just because unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. There’s no other place in the world that I can think of we have a highway that you’re driving through the ocean. You got the Atlantic on one side and you got the Gulf of Mexico on the other side bridges, that are about seven miles long and there’s nothing around you but ocean, and that is the coolest thing, to be driving through the ocean like that so definitely go.

For more information about Florida Keys and other, you can visit this article.

Kissimee Florida with Gatorland

That only a stone’s throw from Orlando and more importantly Disney World. this place is a hot spot for water parks adventure parks and any kind of thrilling experience that you’re trying to go after. we got up close and personal with Gators at a place, called Gatorland.

Daytona Beach Vacation Packages

Nicknamed the world’s most famous beach and spring break capital of the world, is located between Jacksonville and Orlando on the east coast of Florida. Daytona has a wide array of activities that it’s famous for obviously, water-based activities like surfing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing and paddle boarding. More notable is actually the mask our event Daytona 500 so if water sports aren’t really your thing, can always watch bunch of cars driving in counterclockwise circle really really fast for 500 miles, isn’t.

Cheap Hotels South Beach Miami You Can Find

The most bustling finest party city I like to say in all of America. Miami is home to incredible beaches the city is loaded with a lot of cultural influence from Cuba, to find a lot of Latinos they’re mixed in with the tourists. If you’re into having a good time, Miami is fun place.

Great  Nuance in Gainesville Florida

Gainesville is a vibrant city located in the Northern Region of Florida, and how is the University of Florida, due to its large student population is like citing, an eccentric place for you to go get a beer, she’s alive music or even see live music on the street.

Ganesville voted the best place to live and play in 2007 by national geographic adventure magazine. So what why we added Gainesville two lists we were super janja we just arrived in this really cool town, was taken away by all the architecture building, a small bars that we had recently seen inside of Florida. So that was the main reason why we liked it. All of the places a good mood actually approaching us and saying what are we doing and just always very approachable and great to talk to me, like the people there.

The Morrison Palm Springs

Morrison springs is a hundred and sixty acres of park but made famous for its quarter mile springs that you can swim or scuba diving. Now whether you’re scuba diving or just free diving with the mask and snorkel there is a ton of cool stuff to see underwater. Sadly when we went to the recent rainfall had stirred up a lot of leaves dirt and debris and there wasn’t very much that we personally can see, but it was still a nice park in a nice swim unless.

 Wild Florida Wildlife Park

Since Florida is in tropical waters you always have all kinds of tropical fish and mammals, such as dolphins and manta rays. It’s really cool to see mattress when they migrate because sometimes they jump out of the water and it’s really exciting. You got all kinds of things in the water.

You got crocodiles and alligators, you things you do it wouldn’t really see anywhere else in the United States. All of it in one hot spot which is for you. Got a lot of pelicans and the pelicans are hungry and they’re not afraid of you and they will take you directly out of your hands. So watch out for the pelicans my keys.

OK guys, that’s all my description about amazing experience in best vacation spots in Florida. Please check our pictures gallery below one by one to gets more understanding Florida.

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